UTMB Project

UTMB-Victory-Lakes-smDeveloped as a “park like setting” as described by the Houston based architects, these huge 21′ x 8′ “WOW” Walls are built around curved walls featuring natural ventilation with the transformers integrated in the light box.

LED image illumination using VerticalVisions.biz® “Thin Box” Technology with natural ventilation and transformer installation in light box.

With only a space of 5″ between the LED panels and the back of the image panels, we were able to create a bright, beautiful yet relaxing environment. These panels are available to be opened for service and cleaning with state of the art heavy duty hinges. The greatest efficiency imaginable with over 88 count 2′ x 2′ VerticalVisions.biz flat panel LED powering the images, they are all ganged on one 20 amp circuit breaker!


VerticalVisions.biz did just that with seven large 3’ x 8’ panels to span the convex curved walls in 4 locations in the clinic.  These “WOW” Walls can be created in the following forms;

"WOW" Walls at the University of Texas Medical Branch at League City.The lighting can be used in …

  • Sliding Hanging Doors- Straight configuration
  • Curved Sliding doors
  • Hinged Doors- straight or curved walls
  • Our new flat panel LED “Wow” Wall product with snap frames are designed to be screwed to the wall and only 1 1/4 inch thick.

We installed 4 of them in 2011 and were asked to install 2 more exactly like what we did then in their new addition.  Here is out newest installation of our “WOW” Walls at the University of Texas Medical Branch at League City.