University of Wisconsin Project

Given the challenge of making a Vertical “WOW” Wall that can be opened, cleaned, serviced, AND changed on a seasonal basis, we decided that hanging image-laden sliding doors was the answer. Placing the transformers in the narrow, 5” deep light box created a need for ventilation. A valance system of natural ventilation was chosen and entitled “Thin Box” technology.

The result was three rows of LED light units independently and remotely dimmed, illuminating the seasonal images. This imagery has created an environment for relaxation, repose, and meditation. Extreme reliability and efficiency have been achieved at Carbone Cancer Clinic at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. Sarah Grimes, UW Hospital Interior Designer, stated “We cannot imagine this waiting room without your “WOW” Wall. You have created a calming and relaxing environment for our patients and families.

”The most surprising result of our beautiful “WOW” Wall imagery is the lack of heat generation. The resulting benefit of using LED technology is in its cool and long-lasting operation.Changing and cleaning these doors for the next season requires only thirty minutes time, easily accomplished by maintenance personnel.

Metal backing plate was installed in the back of the light box opening giving us a strong, secure base to mount our LED light panels.  Our configuration of three rows of 7 count 23 ¾” x 23 ¾” ® Ceiling Tile lights designed for room lighting left plenty of light contribution to the waiting room.  We installed each horizontal row with remote dimmers that are controlled at the reception desk across the waiting room.  Accessibility was a requirement as well as changeability.  Four seasons was the theme as Sarah Grimes specified the change-out of seasonal images for the next season was a priority.  The idea of using hanging, sliding acrylic doors to accomplish this changing of panels quickly was accepted and implemented.  Much to our satisfaction, the door frames dimensions that hold the acrylic panels were minimal, only 9/16” and the frames over-lapping in the tracks enjoyed a very thin profile.Each door panel has a lock at the bottom to prevent unauthorized access to the “Thin Box”.Over two years later, there have been no failures of any of the 21 23 ¾” x 23 ¾” LED lighting units.