2019 WOW at University Medical


“WOW” Walls at the University of Texas Medical Branch at League City.

Vertical Visions World LLC was invited by Heitkamp Swift Architects to install two new “WOW” Walls in the new University Medical Branch Primary Care Center in League City, Texas. We were requested to install them EXACTLY like the four we installed in 2011.

Vertical Visions World LLC produced the image panels, frames and LED lights that illuminate the wonderful photographic images taken by Henry Domke.

We expect these new “WOW” Walls to perform as well as the 4 we installed in 2011, with no service calls required. There is a 5 year limited warranty on them.

These LED lights are extremely efficient, with up to two “WOW” Walls running on one 20 amp fuse. These emit such little heat that they are naturally ventilated.

Vertical Visions World LLC is very good at solving design and conceptual challenges.

So give us a call or e-mail to discuss your project.

Glen Turpening
Managing Member
Vertical Visions World LLC