Wow Mirrors

Illuminated Mirrors

A beautiful reflection on you

Our mirrored back-lit product can be used in a bathroom vanity, hallway or any home or office environment. Framing can be any style or color you choose and installation is as simple as hanging it up and plugging into any standard outlet.

A motion sensor makes the product an automatic nite-lite that emits a soft light instead of turning on bright lights late at night. Great for children’s rooms as it only turns on with movement, saving electricity.

NiteLite and Other Popular Uses

This smaller format back-lit mirror can also be used as a nite-lite! The motion sensor makes it wonderful for bathrooms, dark hallways and stairways.

Healthcare – Install in bathrooms of patient rooms to provide instant, temporary lighting which turns off automatically after use. Ideal for bathrooms located in lobbies and hallways

Public Buildings – Install in bathrooms, hallways and stairways for temporary, low, or brighter light that shuts off automatically

Restaurants – Enhance your restaurant dining experience with an avant garde look that will please your patrons. Hear comments like: “Have you seen the bathroom?” Cut costs with automatic shut off

Cruise Ship/Hospitality – Create an efficient system of lighting for bathrooms that mixes function and beauty. Use down long hallways, stairwells, retail kiosks, lounges and bars

Homes – Install in bathrooms, hallways, dressing tables, hallways and entry hallways. Great for late night visits to bathroom with low mellow light to guide you. The light will shut off after you go back to bed