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Patient comfort is foremost in our mission to serve hospitals and health care clinics.

Set of nine (9) 23 ¾” x 23 ¾” panels were ordered with stellar night images and a “Hubble” image by York Hospital in York, Maine.    The idea is to match up our very flat VerticalVisions.biz® LED panels with translucent image panels to allow a very large image to be seen by patients during procedures.  Many Radiology Therapy treatment rooms have concrete ceilings with very close ceiling tile grid configuration and little clearance.  This is perfect for our ½” deep VerticalVisions.biz® LED image illumination panels.  Our product slides easily into existing Standard ceiling tile grid systems with only an inch clearance necessary.

What was done first is to have the York Hospital Interior Designer send blueprints of their project to our office.  We consulted together to see the possibilities are, what was best for their situation, construction constraints and time framework.

Once all was set, a formal quote was sent by VerticalVisions.biz and adjusted as to the needs of York Hospital.  When approved, a purchase order was sent to VerticalVisions.biz for the placement of the VerticalVisions.biz® “WOW” Ceiling product.  The LED and image panels were sent to the facility and the construction company provided the electrical service to the sight. Once the LED panels were placed in the grid, the transformers are hard-wired in another room.  This is done as the MRI requires the absence of magnetic properties within the force field.  The transformer can be installed up to 35 feet away with non-magnetic wiring and LED panel contents in the MRI room.

So as we speak, very sick patients are being relaxed during procedures with our VerticalVisions.biz product.