Wow Canvas Vinyl

Introducing out Latest Product

Flexible image “Wow Canvas Vinyl”, a translucent vinyl with a texture like canvas for beautiful image and environment and interior design for healing and relaxation of patrons, patients and customers. Excellent for branding and image switch-out for a different look or change-up functionality.

Wow Canvas Vinyl

Sandra Breeding is the photographer of this image, an 8’ x 10’ back-lit LED “WOW” Wall image stretched over a self standing frame for the trade show. This product is available with any high quality image (with artist’s permission) including digitalized art or painted surface originals. Sandra Breeding Healing Art.

This example is 8’ tall by 10’ wide with no divisions or breakups.  This product can be unlimited in size of length, even up to hundreds of feet long.  Can use our  “Thin Box Technology” with extremely shallow light boxes as little as 4” in depth.  The most impressive feature is the uninterrupted scenery that can be back-lit to a wonderful, bright and engrossing image delivery . The medium can be Duratran type clear film or the new canvasl vinyl type medium that delivers a beautiful soft image that is great for public buildings and healing environments.

This is a long time search result for an image illumination system that has no boundaries or very few.  As managing member and idea and concept originator, I have always been intrigued to make our back-lighting larger and larger to accommodate the largest of projects in public and private settings. This product is our latest evolution to do just that.  The only limit now is the size of the film or vinyl canvas material that we print on.  We know that we can print 8’ wide by unlimited length depending on a full roll of the print production material.

We are able to build trade show displays with this product, with practically unlimited size possibilities