Vertical Visions Wow Wall at the Broward County Library.  Stained Glass design by Ann Ryan Miller.

“I met Glen Turpening when his product, Vertical Visions LED light screen came to my rescue.  I work with stained glass. Finding a lightweight, cool temperature, long lasting light source has been a great benefit to my studio work.  I have installed a number of projects using this product.  If I had not had access to this easy to use & beautiful light source, I would not have been able to build the projects.

I highly recommend using this and have greatly enjoyed the professional approach that Glen offers to his clients.”

Anne Ryan Miller, Ann Ryan Miller Glass Studio,


“The appearance of the ceiling photos is great. The quality of the images, for as large as they are, is excellent. The amount of choices from Glen is overwhelming, very hard to pick a favorite.”

“If you think about imagery and the techniques of relaxation, this is the perfect place to have images. The patients have something to focus on, sometimes we will say “pretend that you are in that tropical place instead of here, going through this”

– Michelle Giovanoli R.T.T., Technical Manager, The University of Toledo Medical Center


“It is nice to have something to look at while you are laying on the table”

– Patients, The University of Toledo Medical Center


“My name is Russell Sutter and I am the chief technologist at Plantation Open MRI. We had Vertical Visions(tm) install one of their works of art on the ceiling of our MRI rooms. It is great for our patients. Now my patients can lie on the table and see the artwork clearly. It is a good distraction that keeps them occupied for the whole exam. Most of my patients ask where geographically the picture (photograph) comes from and most comments from the patients are “I want to go there”. All of the staff here also want to visit Czech Republic, because of the beauty in the picture. Overall the picture brightens up the room and relaxes the patients while creating a beautiful serene environment that makes our center one step ahead of the rest.”

– Russell Sutter, Plantation Open MRI Plantation, FL

“We saw Vertical Visions at a Dayton Dental Society meeting and ordered for our operatories. Pat and Glen took time to fix the Vertical Visions around the light track so that they look pleasing to the patients.

We have had a lot of positive comments from the patients. Now they don’t have to look at plain boring ceilings and they in fact feel more relaxed imagining themselves to be at the beautiful scenic locations. Their anxiety level is much reduced as their thoughts are diverted from dentistry and also it gives us a good starting point of conversation topic and makes our office a more friendlier environment. Thanks Pat and thanks Glen for your wonderful Vertical Visions. Our patients are loving them!”

– Dr. Gampa, West Carrollton Family Dental, West Carrollton, OH

“My patients have all commented on these scenes, raally like them and appreciate that we have taken the time and effort to place them for their viewing.”

– Scott E. Sayre, D.D.S., Cincinnati, Ohio